I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and am available for individual music instruction. Currently I serve as the Director of Bands in the Shorewood School District. I teach high school band courses and middle school band lessons. 

$25 for 30 minutes

The first lesson is free.

What You Get

  • Trained, licensed, and experienced music educator
  • Teacher with Bachelor's degree in Music Education
  • Arranger who can tailor your favorite songs to your ability level
  • Fun, hands on, engaging, & interactive learning

Parent reviews

My 8-year old daughter has been in piano lessons with Mr. Bryan Kujawa for the last school year. She has developed a passion for learning how to play the piano and read music. Mr. Kujawa has a lot of energy and passion in his music and I see the enthusiasm show through when my daughter tells me about what she learned. She is very excited to show me all of the new things she learned after her lessons. Mr. Kujawa’s technique keeps my daughter looking forward to each and every class. Thank you Mr. Kujawa!
— Tammy W, Gilman, WI (May 2018)
It was really great that my son was able to take lessons from you. He really enjoyed it and has definitely improved upon his skills. Thank you again for your help!
— Kirti A, Eau Claire, WI (June 2017)
Bryan is an amazing and talented musician and teacher. He has been teaching piano to my 8th grade daughter for a year now; her improvement is remarkable and has since participated in a competition in which she earned a Gold Cup. With appropriate song selection, Bryan demonstrates his skill and versatility to focus on areas to advance with fun and current music; this keeps her interested, motivated and has inspired her to begin writing her own music. Haley looks forward to her lesson each week and has been very pleased with the results.
— Cindy T, Milwaukee, WI (June 2015)

Student Reviews

Mr. Kujawa has now been with us for 3 years and sadly, this is his last. For me, I will miss him a lot because he has taught me so much, gave me lots of enthusiasm, trust, and courage. He helped me become the great musician I am today. He knew that it was going to be hard for me because of all of the musical things I have accomplished with his help. I know for a fact that Mr. Kujawa will miss us all and we will also miss him as much as he will miss us. In my opinion, Mr. K is the best band teacher we have ever had, but now we all will give our new band teacher a chance just like we did for Mr. Kujawa.

Looking back to these past three years with Mr. Kujawa, he helped me make some videos for my classes like for example: applied video tech, where we had to come up with a career that we would like to do. Mr Kujawa let me interview him for it and he gave me lots of information. Going back to the talent show When Mr. K, Mr. Mauer. Miss. Oli and Jeanie were in dinosaur costumes, Mr. K jumped off the stage and almost biffed it by almost falling.

I think it’s now safe to say that we wish you good luck Mr. Kujawa on the school that you choose to teach at. We wish you the best. You worked us so hard and made us become great musicians. Just for the record Mr. Kujawa, you probably don’t remember this but you have inspired my to be a music teacher.
— Kaitlyn G, Gilman, WI (June 2018)

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Past Trainings

  • June 2018 - WI Choral Director's Association - Green Bay, WI
  • March 2018 - Community Education - Gilman, WI
  • October 2017 - Music Educator's Conference - Madison, WI

Please click the CONTACT button below to email me with specific details for your training. In my experience, a "one size fits all" approach to learning Google features does not work well. Learners that are broken up into specific groups such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced users work best. 

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