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Why me

  • Energetic, funny, professional, and family-friendly!

  • 20 years performance experience.

  • Entertaining to both kids and adults of any age.

  • Safe, I do NOT use live animals or fire in my show.


Starting at $200.

Please contact for a quote.


September 28 * Private Event * Tomah, WI


  • International Institute of WI (Dec 2018) - Milwaukee, WI

  • Feeding Mouths Filling Minds (Aug 2018) - Wauwatosa, WI

  • Germantown Senior Activity Center (Aug 2018) - Germantown, WI

  • The Classic at Hillcrest Greens (Jan 2018) - Eau Claire, WI

  • YMCA (Oct 2017) Eau Claire, WI

  • Monroe County Fair (July 2017) Tomah, WI

  • Regis Catholic High School (May 2017 & 2018) Eau Claire, WI

  • St. Mary's University (Feb 2017) Winona, MN


Bryan performed for us at a holiday party. Our audience was a mix of ages and English proficiency levels and Bryan worked to make sure he would have tricks to appeal to all. He was able to adapt his routine to fit our needs while still keeping it fun and entertaining. He was great at interacting with the kids at our party. He was very professional and easy to work with during the booking process. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a magician especially if you will have kids in the audience. We would love to have him come back and perform again!
— Annamarie C, Milwaukee (Dec 2018)
There is no doubt that magic holds a very special place in the entertainment world for many hearts young and old. I had the pleasure to witness a grand performance by Bryan Kujawa this last Friday, performed at the Germantown Senior Center, Germantown WI. Bryan demonstrated traditional illusionary magic, magic tricks that left you wondering as well as sleight of hand, along with his own personal wit, kept the audience entertained throughout his one-hour show. The senior citizens really enjoy Bryan’s interaction with several grandchildren that leaped at the chance to be part of the fun. Whether it was the illusions or sleight of hand, the audience was mesmerized and left asking themselves, how does he do that? At the end of the show, Bryan provided a piano piece that he himself composed along with another favorite to put a fantastic finish to what was already a great performance. Thanks for the excellent show Bryan and by all the comments that I heard afterwards, I know all the attendees really enjoyed your performance.
— John S, Milwaukee (Aug 2018)
Bryan performed at our Senior Lock In and he was FANTASTIC!! Had kids around him and engaged the whole time he performed!! Would hire him again in a heartbeat!
— Beth S, Eau Claire (June 2018)
Bryan performed at this year’s Eau Claire YMCA Monster Bash, a large event which brings in roughly 400 community members. His show was entertaining and engaging–a great mix of spectacle for the little ones and more advanced card tricks for the older crowd. Several guests remarked what a great performance Bryan gave, and more than a few children walked away telling their parents that they now want to be magicians! Overall, the YMCA was so pleased and eagerly looks forward to hosting Bryan again.
— Emily K, Eau Claire YMCA (November 2017)
Bryan was a HUGE hit the night of the lock in party. I have talked to several of our students at grad parties and they all say you were one of the favorites. From year to year we pass along detailed information on our planning for the party. I made sure I put several asterisks by your name and wrote that you were one of the students favorite entertainers of the night. Thank you so much for coming to our lock in!
— Sheri M, Eau Claire, WI (June 2017)
Bryan was an excellent performer at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota! Everyone really enjoyed the experience! He was really nice to all the students and incredibly funny! 10/10 would recommend!”
— Brian B, Winona, MN (Feb 2017)

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